Why I came back to UT

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Why I came back to UT By Vince Young, Nov. 9, 2014   Four years ago, Michael Booker rode a bus to Austin from the Mississippi Delta, arriving at the University of Texas at Austin with little more than a … Continued

VY Visits Pathways Youth Ranch

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SEPTEMBER 22, 2015 Last week, former Longhorns quarterback Vince Young visited Pathways 3H Youth Ranch to help a group of disadvantaged young men find their path to college. Joined by his friend and former Longhorns offensive guard Kasey Studdard, Young … Continued

The Hero Returns – The Austin Chronicle

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The Austin Chronicle – February 2015 If you need to find Vince Young on the University of Texas campus these days, don’t go to Darrell K. RoyalTexas Memorial Stadium. Instead, find the Flawn Academic Center (tucked between the Tower and … Continued

Vince Young Helps E3 Alliance, Hays CISD

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Vince Young Helps E3 Alliance, Hays CISD Kickoff Flu Vaccination Campaign. Development Officer Vincent Young was on hand at Ralph Pfluger Elementary in Hays CISD for the kickoff of the Teach Flu a Lesson campaign. Also helping out were E3 … Continued

Longhorn Legends: The Wishbone

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You’ll never guess which current Longhorn Vince Young is whipping into shape this football season. Let’s just say he’s not very good with his hooves—er, we mean his hands! While (spoiler alert!) Bevo and VY may have their differences on … Continued

Longhorn Legends: The Skinny Post

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When it comes to Texas legends, few loom larger than Bevo, our beloved mascot, and Vince Young, he who led Texas to the National Championship and Rose Bowl immortality. The two have one other key common trait—both are Life Members … Continued

Longhorn Legends: The Shotgun Snap

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Bevo might be a gameday staple on the sidelines at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium, but—as fellow Texas titan Vince Young can attest—the UT icon could really use some help getting his head into the game. The two Longhorn legends—and Texas Exes … Continued