Vince Young-"TNT Overtime" Diary
by Yolande Lezine

Former University of Texas quarterback and National Championship hero, Vince Young recently
hosted "TNT Overtime" during NBA All-Star Week in Houston, Texas.

Here's a look at the daily diary of the Houston native as told through Vince's eyes:

*Wednesday, Feb. 8th-
I had the opportunity to go shopping in the Galleria with TNT's Craig Sager. As you know Sager is a strange , but stylish dresser.  Sager took me to his favorite clothing shop (Taghi) and I took him to my favorite shoe store(Aventura. 
That was really fun! Craig is a cool guy.

*Thursday, Feb. 9th-
Today I had the opportunity to sit in the library of my apartment and join the TNT NBA studio team via satellite. It was really neat
talking with Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Reggie Miller. I'm really looking forward to meeting them and all of the celebrities that will be in Houston during NBA All-Star week.

*Monday, Feb. 13th-
Now it's time for me to take the TNT audience on a tour of Houston's hotspots. First, we started at Dave and Busters where I played games and talked to the managers. Afterwards we went to the George R. Brown Convention Center to pick up our Media Credentials for the week. We left the GRB and went to one of my favorite hotspots in H-town, Pappadeaux's. Man,  the food was sure smelling good! Now it's off to "End Zone" to see my man Bobby Taylor and crew. Taylor, used to play football for the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks.  The TNT crew was ready to shop then, but they settled on
creole chicken place called "Frenchy's". Wednesday, February 15th- We took a drive down Westheimer to Yao Ming's restaurant. Not only was it a beautiful place, but the food was delicious. We tasted everything from Peking Duck to Pork Fried Rice. Everything is laid out so elegantly and his family is very nice. After our meal we lounged around in some recliners in the back and I signed a couple of football's  to put in Yao's trophy case at the restaurant. Hats off to the chef.   Anytime you want some good chinese food, drive to Yao's spot!

*Thursday, February 16th-
Now its time to find out what people's greatest All-Star moments were. For this we went to the Galleria where I stopped a lot of people who were trying to shop. I got a chance to talk to my boy Braylon Edwards of the Cleveland Browns and Tony Parker-from the San Antonio Spurs. Parker was doing  an autograph appearance at Footlocker. The funniest folks were a group of four men from New York City. There favorite moment was when Dominique Wilkins did his 360-Slam Dunk in the dunk contest.  After taping another segment of "Man on the Street with Vince Young" now comes the fun part of reporting live from Alonzo Mourning and Magic Johnson's Celebrity Pool tournament. The pool tournament, was held at Jillian's Restaurant. After strolling down the red carpet taking photos and doing interviews with the media, it was time to go to work.

We were busy the whole night, but it was fun. The best part was meeting all of the celebrities such as: Ice Cube, Regina King, Queen Latifah, Alonzo Mourning, Dwayne Wade, Terrell Owens, Ludacris, Paul Pierce, Damon Jones, Steven A. Smith, Shaquille O'Neal, Steve Francis, Donovan McNabb, and many others. There were a lot of people in Jillians. Shaq and Ice Cube took time to give me words of encouragement and some brotherly advice. It was very special knowing that these celebrities were just as excited about meeting me as I was about meeting them. Friday, February 17th- We started today with the Satellite Media Tour which was neat because I got to talk to members of the media from across the country.

Later, Craig Sager and I went live from the Toyota Center prior to the NBA Rookie/Sophomore Game. Here we got to interview my good friends from H-town, T.J. Ford from the Milwaukee Bucks and Emeka Okafor- (Bellaire/Charlotte Bobcats). We also talked to Stephen Howard from the Orlando Magic. Later that night we were headed to Kenny Smith's All-Star Extravanganza party, when we took a little detour to the Renaissance Hotel for Tony Parker's album release party. We got to meet Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives and a lot of other celebrities.

*Saturday, February 18th-
Wow! The final night is here!

It's been a long week full of workouts and TNT! Earlier in the  day I got the chance to attend the All-Star practices at NBA Jam Session. Cameras started following me everywhere I went.  It was a neat experience. Kids were chanting my name and asking me to talk to one of their loved ones on their cell phones.

Next up later that evening was the NBA All-Star Saturday-night festivities at the Toyota Center.  There were so many celebrities in sight. I even got a chance to meet Ice Cube's entire family. After a 30-minute live taping on TNT  with Craig Sager, I got to retire with my crew in the TNT booth and watch the excitement. The night ended with a stop at the NBA Gala at the George R. Brown Convention Center. That was cool.

More celebrities such as: Chris Brown, Gabrielle Union, Shawn Marion,
Rashard Lewis, Corey Bradford, Paul Wall and others.

*Thanks TNT for letting me be your celebrity host during NBA All-Star Week in H-town!